10 Hints for Secret Book (2/3)

Sorry to say, but I’ve been on a prolonged break from Enden: A Fantasy Novel. As you probably know, I unpublished that book so I could rewrite it. But… I got burnt out about 75% of the way through, and I decided to take a break and focus on a different project, just for a little bit. Well, that “little bit” has turned into an entire novel, and now I’m almost finished with that. I plan on finishing the draft, making it as good as possible, and we’ll see after that! I might use this book to try and lure in an agent, or I might just publish it after a few rounds of edit and a cover.

ANYWAYS, that’s not what’s important. What really matters is that I’m giving you a few hints 😉 If you haven’t already checked up on the first three hints, click here and go read those. Now, without any more waiting, here are hints 4, 5, and 6.

4. Ruby by twentyonepilots

This hint comes in the form of a song, which you can check out right here on YouTube.  Not only do I really like this song, but it inspired me to write this book (in a sense.) The actual plot isn’t all too close to the song, but I think you’ll see a lot of similarities in the emotions portrayed through it. Just… give it a listen, and maybe it’ll give you a better idea of what the book’s about.

And if not, then you just heard an awesome new song. You’re welcome.

5. This is a picture, and I’ll give you a bit information about it than the last one. In this case, it’s actually a scene from the book, and a rather important one at that. Everything begins, and ends, with this wall.

Imagine this stone wall….

with this view behind it…

And that’s basically the scene in my head.

6. Well, I guess I’ll give you another pic. Here are the main characters, named Abi and Natheme. I’ll explain more about why he’s named that in the next post.



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