The Next Project…

The next big project… is an old project.

I am rewriting Enden!

Rewriting, yes. As in… deconstructing it, changing a lot of things, and then putting it back together again. Same world, same characters, just… different. The story will be brand new, surprising, and hopefully fix a lot of the problems I found.

Why am I doing this?

1. It has to change for the sake of future books. The story I had planned wasn’t going to work, and I wasn’t satisfied. So I’m fixing the foundation, while I can still reach it.

2. The title and cover are about to get a major makeover! You know the same person who did Until We Burn? She’s helping me out again 🙂 Be ready for awesomeness.

3. I’ve decided to add in a character I was going to save for Book 2, and give one other person a much larger role in this new edition. Think… more romance, more mystery, more drama.

Get ready for a much different Enden.

(If you want to buy one of the exclusive, first-print copies, they’re still available on Amazon. As one friend put it, “One day when you’re famous, I’ll be rich!” Or, I won’t be famous and you’ll have a not-so-special book that no longer exists. Take your pick!)

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