Keeping with the theme of making huge announcements that I didn’t really give you a warning about, I’ve decided to drastically rewrite Enden Book 1, in preparation for the crafting of Book 2. How long will this take? Probably all summer, but I’d like to re-release it by August.

Reasons for this pretty drastic change in the story? Well, first of all, I think the plot line can improve greatly. That’s my main reason. I don’t like the direction the tale took, so I’m gonna do my best to adjust it. Secondly, I want to do more world-building through dialogue and leave more up to interpretation. This includes giving certain characters more scenes (or less), and doing my best to make the story more unpredictable.

Thirdly, and finally, I’m going to set up the second book better, where some huge changes happen.

The original book is still available for purchase. I think that if you buy a Kindle copy, after I update the file (with the new book) you will be able to download it for free on your Manage Purchases/Downloads page. We’ll see! I hope that works out. If not, I’ll find some way to get the book to you. You won’t have to buy it twice.

I’ll have more info as it comes, but for now just understand the book is being rewritten and I’ll have it available before long, hopefully in August!

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