My November Thoughts on College Basketball

  1. Marvin Bagley is really good… and should be a senior in high school. Crazy.
  2. Arizona will be okay, once they figure out their offense
  3. UCLA won’t be okay, not even with their freshmen back
  4. Alabama has two of the best freshman in the country, and could challenge Kentucky for the SEC. But…
  5. Kentucky also has really good freshmen, even if they’re just now coming around.
  6. The FBI will probably shake things up at some point, but I’m less sure now.
  7. ACC is the best conference, top to bottom, and it’s not even close
  8. SEC might be better than the BIG 10? What? It’s true.
  9. Indiana/Louisville/Purdue/Kentucky are all great some nights, and not so great other nights. Something in the water around here?
  10. I’m super excited for December

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