My October Thoughts on College Basketball

Because who said I couldn’t write about sports if I wanted.

Here’s a list of the

Ten Truths

for college basketball this season. (More articles like this to come)

  1. Lots of people gonna get in trouble by the FBI, throughout the season
  2. Kentucky is a top-25 team, but not a top-2 team. Deal with it.
  3. Grayson Allen will probably trip somebody, “on accident” of course
  4. The ACC will be the best conference again
  5. The SEC will be much better than normal (hello, 1-and-done’s)
  6. Lavar Ball is gonna talk too much, and we’ll listen too much
  7. Some team will win their first national championship (please, please, please)
  8. A #16 seed will beat a #1 FINALLY
  9. Gonzaga won’t make it to the Sweet 16
  10. We don’t know anything that’s gonna happen

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