Carnivore: Text Lingo

This is a story I told my girlfriend, over texting, because we were both bored and what’s better to entertain with than a good, scary story? Take a look at the story, in all of its raw and grammar-rule-ignoring beauty.

(Each paragraph is a message I sent, not grouped according to thoughts or anything normal.)

<><><> <><> <>

12:27 P.M.

once upon a time, but you dont know what time it was so it might have been 1 oclock in the morning or 3 oclock in the afternoon so thats mysterious, well once upon a time there was a little girl named Patricia Robertsin and Patricia Robertsin was a nice little girl who lived in a big mansion in the countryside. she was, however, holding a very dark secret. her parents knew this secret, and so they kept her locked up inside the house at all times.

her parents didn’t know why Patricia was like she was, but they knew that if anybody found out they would be in huge trouble with the community. they were rich, after all, and they lived in the mansion surrounded by forests. the nearest town was not for miles and miles away. anyways, there were animals that started turning up near their mansion. it was dogs, at first. the dogs would turn up and be mutilated, completely torn apart. the parents went into their daughters book, where she was writing in a notebook. as soon as they walked in, she slammed it closed and threw it under the book. they asked Patricia what happened to the dog, and she said “what dog? i didn’t know we had a dog.” the next weekend, there was a baby deer that turned up dead in the yard, also torn apart. they went into Patricia’s room, and once again she was writing in the notebook. she threw it under the bed. “what happened to the deer, Patricia?” “what deer? i didn’t know there were deer arond here.” since Patricia wasn’t bloody and appeared not to know anything about the animals, the parents figured that it really wasnt her. so instead, they went outside to talk to the groundskeeper, who was gardening. his hands were very dirty, but underneath all the dirt they thought they could see a little red. “what’s happening to all the animals?” the groundskeeper said. he smiled at them and tapped a finger to his head. “you ought to be paying attention, master. if you were paying attention, you’d know.”

since the groundskeeper didn’t give them any obvious leads, they decided to call the police department. the police showed up that evening, and found both the mom and dad sitting in the living room, nervously shaking. the police asked what had happened, and they said their little girl, Patricia, had run away. the police asked if this was why they were nervous. “no,” the dad said. “we’re not scared that she ran away. we’re scared that she’ll come back.” the police asked what he meant, and the dad told them a story. “once, when Patricia was about 3 years old, we started to notice that she wasn’t quite normal. in preschool, she got in trouble for biting other children… quite frequently. we took her out and homeschooled her. we didn’t have the time, so the groundskeeper was actually the one who watched her and taught her.  a couple months after that, the family pet turned up dead. we questioned her, and she said nothing. the groundskeeper said the dog had been attacked by a vicious bear come out of the woods. but then we found bones in Patricia’s room, and we figured that she had killed the dog. since that day, she’s been normal-acting. but now the deaths have started again and we’re afraid she’s going to continue to kill.” the police looked at them worriedly and promised to protect them if she ever did come back.he asked where the groundskeeper was, and the parents said he was outside, in his shed. it was too dark out, so they decided to leave him there. the night progressed, and eventually the parents decided to go back up and look at the diary Patricia had been writing in. they went upstairs and opened it up to the first page. there was nothing but lessons from school. but as they continued turning, they started to notice something. on the last page, all of their questions were answered

the ink was as red as blood throughout the book, and the pages of the home-made journal were rough and wrinkled and dried. it felt almost like rubbing against dead and dried skin. at the back of the book, there were drawings. they depicted three human bodies, strung up on crosses, and a wild animal leaping up to feast on them. the parents shut the book, horrified, and stormed downstairs. they demanded to know what the groundskeeper had been teaching their daughter. when they reached the living room, they found the policeman was gone. they heard a scream from outside and rushed out to see what was happening. what they found was 3 crosses, put up, with the policeman on one and the groundskeeper on the other. there was one empty. their daughter was in front, rubbing her hands together. she turned back to her parents. “have i done good, mommy?” he growled, rubbing his hands together in the same way. the dad looked at them both, confused and horrified. “you thought the groundskeeper was teaching her,” his wife said, “but actually i was.” she moved forward and kissed him, but pulled back and ripped off his lower lip. “put him on the cross, sweetie.” she grinned at her daughter. “this feast is even better than the last house we stayed at.”

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