Vote for the Cover of My Book!


Lately, I’ve been writing a novel called Those Who Watch the Burning Sky. It’s a Literary Fiction novel set in present-day America… and Haiti. I’ve included the (still in progress) description below, but here’s what I need you to do.

I need you to vote on the book cover!

This is one of -if not the- most important thing to decide, besides the actual story. And so, I’ve decided to let you help me. Choose one of the three covers below and let me know which one’s the best! If you vote, I’ll give you a free short story (soon to be published on Amazon) sent directly to your email!


Book Description:


Those Who Watch the Burning Sky



Oceans separate them, mountains divide them, culture forces them apart. They don’t know the other exists. They have no idea of what’s in store for them. Neither wanted a friend. Neither wanted a change.

Phoenix is a teenage foster kid from the states. Ricardo is a teenage orphan in Haiti. Both of them have lost all hope, and look for happiness in all the wrong places.

For Phoenix, he lost the girl of his dreams -the last shine in his life. For Ricardo, he lost his family and his old life -the only thing he had in a world of discontent.

Fate will bring them together.

One from America, one from Haiti. A language barrier is a valley between them. At odds with the world, with their countries, with their homelands. Cursing themselves, hating their past, afraid of the future.

The only way to survive is together.

The only way to find home is to leave it.

This is the story of America and Haiti. This is the story of Phoenix and Ricardo.


realcover1 Option #1

realcover2 Option #2

realcover3 Option #3


1) Click on the button below. It will take you to an email you will be sending to me.

2) Tell me which background was the best, and which font was the best.

3) Click Send and make me happy 🙂



One thought on “Vote for the Cover of My Book!

  1. Hey David, rather than using the e-mail link, I will let you know my thoughts here.
    Tough choice between the first and second covers, but ultimately, my opinion is the second cover with the first cover’s font.
    Hope this helps you decide.


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