Short Story Review: That One Pretty Thing

**I received a free copy of the short story to review, but who really cares, that doesn’t affect my review at all so yeah read on now kind human being**


Gaines Post, another good author-friend of mine, penned this short story called That One Pretty Thing and in doing so made quite an entertaining, thoughtful read. The copy I was given was only 11 or 12 pages long, and yet it was the most enjoyable thing I’ve read in quite a while.

This man has some talent for short fiction, so I highly recommend you check him out. You can buy his other short story here and also buy this one here.  Don’t tell me you can’t spare at least 99 cents on one.

And now, without further ado: (have I started a review like this before? Oh well)

gaines posts story that one pretty thing


  • The Opening

There’s lots to love about this. From the opening line (see QUOTE below) to the way everything is explained, he does it flawlessly. It explains just enough to keep you reading to the next paragraph while still informing you. I especially love this little bit:

“shattered into a cacophony of panic and finger-pointing. *next paragraph* Fingers are things we took for granted.”

Genius 😉

  • The Memorable Lines

There are so many little quotes and moments through this story that make you think, “Wow, what a talented guy this is.” (The author, not the person in the story.) I’m certain you will think the same. I’ll be quoting lots of lines from this on Goodreads soon, so watch out.

  • Concept

I love the idea for this book. It’s fantastic, and Post handles it so well in this story. I’ve never read anything like it, and I doubt I ever will again. That’s a great thing.


  • Lack of Quotation -” “- Marks

For some reason, Post doesn’t use quotation marks in the short story. Maybe this is just one way that he writes, or it just went with the story (since it is told from first-person point of view). But anyways, it doesn’t detract from the experience that much, just something I noticed.

  • The Ending

I feel like the ending could have been improved a bit. It was a bit vague, and I can’t say much without spoiling the story but it was confusing to me. Maybe I missed something, but it wasn’t quite what I expected.

MY RATING: 7.5/10

This was book was intriguing, unique, and shocked me. The opening caught me into the story and it held my attention all the way through. I read the whole thing in one sitting, but I’m not sure I could have put it down.

If this hasn’t convinced you yet, go check out the Amazon page and buy here


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