Anyone Want To Read?

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Tomorrow (Valentine’s Day), I will be having a free giveaway of She: A Horror Novel! For those 24 hours, you can get it ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If you review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or both and then email me at you’ll get another FREE short story.

That’s a lot of reading. So if you want to read, come read. The giveaway starts at midnight TONIGHT.

she cover

She Watches Always.

Small river towns have always had urban legends and teenage boys who love their sister. Even every city has these. But this legend is different, and Michael is unique.

Michael’s only a typical teenager in this small rivertown. Along with his three friends, he grows up and survives school; he laughs at jokes and gets to know the town around him. But everything changes one night when his sister is taken. Everything is different for him and his friends, as their friendly town begins to feel and look more sinister.

With the help of a detective, they uncover secrets and plots that point towards the only hope for saving his sister.

Together, they will search to the ends of the earth, when in reality the answer is close nearby. In their hometown.

Together, they will face the enemy that threatens their town, their lives, and the future of everyone they love. It is the adversary with many faces and none; the foe that cannot be killed and was never born.

They go together.
She waits alone.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved one! Or, if you don’t have a loved one, to you and your pillow! Or your pets. Ain’t pets just the best? (That almost rhymes).

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