Promotions Galore

(Want to know about more offers like this even sooner? Click here.)

To celebrate the upcoming release of My Abigail on March 30, I’m having FREE book giveaways on the 28th and 29th of the upcoming months.

So on February 28 and 29, as well as March 28 and 29, She: A Horror Novel and As Trees Turned Away will be both be available for free.

I plan to have both of those plus My Abigail available for free one day in the future, but you’d be better off just to buy it if you’re interested. Until then, carry on dear friends!

Oh, and I HAVE INTERVIEWS!!! You can find two interviews of me here anddddd here. Now you may carry on 🙂



Super Bowl party tonight at my house!!! You’re all invited. If you can find it in the deep, dark, dangerous woods. *evilest laugh*

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