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(You can probably see these right now, but I’m going to post a picture anyways and explain them. Gotta have them pictures.)


Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 7.30.24 PM

This right here (on the right side) is my new mailing list. If you just put your email in that one that I had before, it would send you a post every time I posted anything. Chances are that’s how you’re reading this right now. I wanted to give you options, so here you go.

Tell me what you want notifications for (it’s a select-all-that-apply type of thing), tell me what kind of reader you are, and then tell me if you’d be willing to review any of my works in exchange for a short story.

Also, if you subscribe, I’ll send you a free short story from As Trees Turned Away. Any of the stories you want. You can pick one from the Amazon page (Hey look! 4 reviews now! YAY!)

And finally, what’s that gorgeous cover to the left? Well, that’s the cover of My Abigail, the novella I’m going to release on March 30.*** You can find out more info on getting a sample of that below…

*** All the credit for that picture goes to Karoly Mezei. She is a fantastic photographer. Check out her work here

Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 7.29.41 PM


Just kidding. This is like the teaser for the teaser. Get it? To find the actual offer, go on down to the bold words and the picture under them.

This thing is pretty straightforward. It says my full name, and also tells you that I have an opportunity for you to get a free sample of my new book (actually novella, but whatever) coming out soon. It says that with the whole “Details Below” thing. *

*Blogging really isn’t hard, you all. Try it.

Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 7.30.53 PM

There are two things I’d like to point out on this page (besides that Bruno Mars guy. Man, he’s always stalking my posts. I don’t know what his deal is. Go do the Superbowl Halftime or something with Coldplay, for real.)

For all you looking for the info on My Abigail, here it is:

Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 7.51.26 PM

As you can see, you can get a free sample of the novella by simply plugging that url into your browser. It will take you to a Google Doc which you can download in any format or just read right then and there.

Were you expecting more? I apologize. Sign up for my mail list for news when I have stuff like this (giveaways, promotions, blah blah).

Screenshot 2016-02-04 at 7.51.52 PM

As you can see, I have a goodreads account! If you do as well, message me on there (David Kummer, or find one of my books and click on my name) and I will certainly respond. We all are looking for friends.


Water bottles are best when the best water bottles are used. Try thinking on that.


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