Price Discount: SHE: A HORROR NOVEL

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Probably wouldn’t make a very good Valentine’s Day present, but I have a sale going on.

There’s lots of that dying thing in it, though, ya know? Not very romantic, if you get what I’m saying. A better book for that would be like John Green or something, although that’s probably not a very good present either. Man, I don’t know what a good present is. Ask your sister, not me.

I’m playing around with prices a bit, so SHE: A HORROR NOVEL will be discounted to 99 cents (.99) for a little while. I can’t say exactly when. I’m gonna see how the price affects the sales. If you would like to buy it, now would be a great time.


It’s almost Valentine’s Day!!! What’s in your wallet? If you’ve already bought a present, probably not much. Then again, maybe you’re like me and don’t have a wallet. MAYBE YOU KEEP ALL YOUR MONEY IN A SECRET, CUT-OUT BOOK THAT YOU STUCK IN THAT OAK TREE IN THE PARK BUT SOME KID CAME UP AND SAW YOU AND THEN HE STOLE IT AND RAN AWAY AND BOUGHT A LAMBORGHINI!! (that kid’s name is Bruno Mars).

P.S. Will someone buy me that ear? Thank you. (evil laugh). The cloning begins.

bruno marssss


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