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The Others–8/10

A scary movie about a haunted mansion… or is it? ALSO! This movie literally has the best ending ever. I never saw it coming. SO GOODDDDDDD!!!

Let Me In–8.5/10

A movie with Chloe Mortez that is touching, scary, and ultimately memorable.


The Amityville Horror (2005)–8/10

The slow descent to insanity and a house that won’t let you leave alive.

What Lies Beneath–8/10

Harrison Ford, a mysterious lake, and lots of blood. What could be better? For real, it’s Harrison Ford.

Cabin in the Woods–7.5/10

One of the most intriguing horror movies, complete with its own conspiracies.

Carrie (2013)–9/10

Lots of blood and scares in one of Stephen King’s best stories.


Um… very graphic movie, and not a storyline, so yeah. A two.

Dead Silence–9/10

A surprisingly good, very mysterious horror movie. And the clown doll is the worst.


Waste of money, with a bad Santa that has elf clown puppet demonic crap things.

Taking of Deborah Logan–5/10

One of the weirdest possession movies I’ve ever seen…


Not the best movie ever, but a solid film all the same. You’ll never forget Eli.

The Ring–9/10

A scary girl from a well and lots of mystery… and a killer video tape. Lots better than it sounds.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)–7/10

One of the most creative sequels/remakes I’ve seen, but also very gorey. Keep it a 7.


Terrifying, and one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. Beware the tapes.

Sinister 2–8/10

Scary like the first, but with a much different ending.

Insidious– 7.5/10

Interesting movie, good scares, but a lot better because of the sequels.

Insidious 2– 8.5/1o

Better than the first, and keeps the scariness factor high.

Insidious 3 –8.3/10

Creepy movie, solid horror, with lots of jumpscares and a good storyline.


The first movie of a new series that’s possibly the best horror movie of this decade. A must-see.

Conjuring 2–8/10

Not quite the same as the first, but with more touching moments and an always-suspenseful ending this one doesn’t let down!


A prequel to Conjuring, this one is more Satan-centered but still freaky. Like the other two in the series (see above), a must-watch.

Television Shows

There are four television shows that I’ve really enjoyed.


Psych is another detective show, and besides being that it’s chalk-full of 80’s references, scenes that will crack you up, and a fantastic cast that has since become more famous.


This one centers on a group of spies, and the main character is a socially awkward, nerdy guy who gets a super computer downloaded into his brain. This is one of the funniest shows I’ve seen, and even my girlfriend -who normally has different tastes than me- got hooked on it.


A detective who has all kinds of disorders, who solves cases every episode. The biggest case of all, though, the death of his wife, is what drives the series. It’s emotional and hilarious.

White Collar

A show about a savvy, confident criminal who works with an FBI agent as part of his plea bargain. It’s fast-paced, and if you liked Ocean’s Eleven (or 12 or 13) then you’ll love this!

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