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Amityville: Will We Ever Know?

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You Were Scared of the Dark for Good Reason


Mixing real-life horrors with fiction frights, this podcast will give you an up-close, personal look at the chilling side of our world, whether that be inside your favorite book or outside your door. Prepare to be… well, fearful.


Fear will be a biweekly podcast (released once every two weeks). Starting in August 2017, you will find the scariest stories, the most frightful fiction, and the horrifying tales of real life, all in a few, easily-accessible places. Where are these places? Read on.


There are going to be numerous places you can find Fear. It was certainly be on iTunes at some point, as well as my blog and other places online. Stay connected, either on this blog or the other one, so that you’ll find out exactly when -and where- the stories will catch up with you. And they will.


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