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How To Read Kindle Books On Computer

Are you one of those people who doesn’t use Kindles, Kindle apps, or anything Amazon? But you still want to read that cool new book that’s only on Kindle? Don’t worry! My article will save you


I find myself running into this problem more and more, so without further ado, here is how to do the tricky things I have described above in the most confusing wording possibly known to mankind. (See? I’m fun!)

Click on the blue links to go to the download site. If there isn’t a link, I couldn’t find one. You’ll understand when you get there.

Notes About Kindle

  1. YOU’LL NEED AN AMAZON ACCOUNT FOR THESE. I’m sure you already have one if you have a computer, though. If you don’t, you’re very very special and I praise you.
  2. Unless otherwise noted, all of these apps and sites link together all your devices. So if you read to page 3 on one device, you can pick up on page 3 with the other. It’s simple, but very helpful.
  3. Unless otherwise stated (different word hehe), all of these things (?) allow you to buy/share/read/rate your books. Obviously, you can read on all of them. I mean come on. That’s what it’s for. That, and making money. What?
  4. I will make sure to put if any of these aren’t free. I think they’re all free, but the books you have to buy won’t be. There are some free books on Amazon, believe it or not.
  5. Oh yeah. When I say Amazon and Kindle, these are mostly interchangeable. Amazon is the website, Kindle is the reading device, but they’re basically the same because you can access them from each other. It’s like a big spider web with lots of dead insects in it.


First option is Kindle for PC. This is the main one you want. It gives you all the benefits of a Kindle, such as highlighting, notes, sharing, buying, and obviously reading. It makes all of this available on your computer, so it’s basically an app for your computer. There’s color, different brightness settings, etc. etc. It’s a Kindle on your computer. For the full details, go click that bright blue link (should be blue anyways).

The second option is directly on your browser. Kindle Cloud Reader. Basically, you’re reading the books on your computer, without an app or anything. Think of it as a Kindle Blog. There’s a SUPER HELPFUL ARTICLE HERE that explains tips and stuff so much better than I ever could, so open up those two links and get reading brother/sister/aunt.

The Kindle App may be in your app store. I don’t even know. I have a feeling it is, though, so check.


Seven words: App store. Both Macbook and Chromebook users will find the Kindle App directly in their app store. This is the easiest way to read them on your computer, because to be honest there’s only two ways. One– the app. Two– the browser. And the app is a much nicer choice, trust me. Find it by going to your app store, typing in Kindle App, and start your reading.

The second option is directly on your browser. Kindle Cloud Reader. Basically, you’re reading the books on your computer, without an app or anything. Think of it as a Kindle Blog. There’s a SUPER HELPFUL ARTICLE HERE that explains tips and stuff so much better than I ever could, so open up those two links and get reading brother/sister/aunt.


I think every phone or tablet type has an Kindle App in the app store, to be honest, so that’s your best bet. And it’s completely free. So go to your app store, get your books, and start reading.

If you insist on not doing apps and want to read directly on your web browser, the second option is directly on your browser. Kindle Cloud Reader. Basically, you’re reading the books on your computer, without an app or anything. Think of it as a Kindle Blog. There’s a SUPER HELPFUL ARTICLE HERE that explains tips and stuff so much better than I ever could, so open up those two links and get reading brother/sister/aunt.


You have two options.

  1. Read it on an app from your app store (or Kindle for PC if you’re on a Microsoft thing, which may also have a Kindle App in its store)
  2. Read it on your web browser, via Kindle Cloud Reader


**There’s really no way to print off e-books, without emailing the author and asking for a copy that you can print off. My email is and I’m totally willing to do that for ya.

Madison Library Event: RECAP

As promised, here are the videos/pictures from my library event last night. Take a lookie! The samples I’m reading are mostly ones you’ve heard before, and sadly we didn’t get the Q and A sequence on camera. If you any questions or thoughts, let me know in the comments. Thanks to my dad for recording, and to everybody in my family and some from the community for showing up.

About 20 people showed up in total, and we had a great time over an hour and a half. In fall of this year, I’ll be having another event there to celebrate the launch of She 2. Looking forward to it because this event was such a good one!

I’ll have some books for sale next time 😉

New Book for Pre-Order

Cold, Gray Eyes: A Psychological Thriller is now available for pre-order on This thrilling novella is the first in a series of three that all feature the dreaded Mr. Telo, a mysterious camp owner who lives deep in the woods, among the cabins he owns.

Read on for the official description.

“I would never kill a good person, but there are no good people. That’s an easy rule to live by.”

There is a campground deep in the forest that everybody raves about. The owner is a down-on-his-luck 40-something man, with a good heart and a good camp set up. Sure, there have been accidents in the past, but who’s to judge?

One family shows up to his site, ready for their vacation, and learns that things aren’t quite so cheery at this camp. There is a darkness that doesn’t stay in the forest. There is something behind Mr. Telo’s smile. And most of all, there are secrets hidden in the past; well-hidden.

Everybody gives in eventually. The darkness will always get you, one way or another, one day or another. Let it overwhelm you. Let the evil grow. Come to the camp with the secrets.

“Nobody can resist the cold, gray eyes.”

New Book Announcement: Cold, Gray Eyes


Coming in June 2017, the first scary novella out of three. Each one will be around 13,000 words, and will be released in June, July, and August.

Not to give too much away, but this centers around a campsite, the not-so-normal Mr. Telo that owns it, and a growing tension with the strange man who lives among the empty cabins. One family moves in, and they begin to discover that this nice, gentle campsite isn’t quite what they were told.

It’ll be 99 cents, as will all three novellas. June, July, and August; they’re coming.

I’m super excited! I hope you are too 😉 They’ll be frightening.

She Watches Excerpt Leaked!

Some despicable scoundrel has leaked an excerpt of She Watches to the public! This treason will not go unpublished, nor forgiven! This is a terrible act, and has left my emotional state of being in shatters.
*Disclaimer: It was me*
While I hunt this traitor down, take some time to yourself and enjoy this sneak peak at She Watches. You can download the full excerpt here.
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Chapter 6


“She’s a very nice lady,” Lucy said to her mother. “She brings me cookies sometimes.”

Mary smiled to herself, rummaging through the cabinets to find what she needed for dinner. As soon as they packed up the hotel room and headed for this tiny house, she went to the grocery store and got enough food to last a week or two. Daniel was out walking Emma in the stroller, and Cassie was down the hall in her room, so making dinner was left to Lucy and herself.

Tyler was somewhere else in the town. Since they got a rental house, he was staying in the hotel room they’d booked for a few more nights. He was technically on vacation with them, but not exactly.

“Well, if Cassie says it’s okay that’s fine, but still be careful.” Mary set out a pan on the stove. “I think we’ll have pancakes and eggs tonight. How’s that sound?”

“Mommy, the lady wants to meet you sometime.”

Lucy colored on the sheet of paper noisily, scribbling away with the crayons. She was sitting at the small table across the kitchen from Mary. All the appliances and big objects were crammed into one half of the room, mostly still in their packing boxes. The table and chairs were on the other, relatively empty side. Behind it was a walk-in closet pantry.

“Maybe, Lucy, maybe.” Mary cracked an egg and let the contents plop into the pan. “We aren’t staying here very long though.”

“I know that. But maybe we could all meet the lady one time near the end. I

think it’d be very nice.”

Mary nodded without really listening. Her hands moved deftly, preparing the meal.

“She likes babies, too. She said she really likes babies, Mommy, so I told her all about Emma.”

“Strangers can be dangerous, Lucy. Please be careful.” Mary glanced over at her daughter, who was focused on the paper. “You will be careful for Mommy, won’t you?”

“Of course, Mommy. I’m only talking about a friend. Friends are okay, right?”

Mary was spared from answering when the front door opened. They heard Daniel come into the living room, kicking the door shut behind him. Emma was babbling.

“I’m making pancakes, honey,” Mary called out. “Is that alright?”

“Sure thing,” Daniel said, strolling into the kitchen. “You know, I don’t recognize a single thing in this city. It’s like Marcy is a completely different town. Maybe Hardy will be, too. I wouldn’t mind that so much.”

“I met someone who knows you, Daddy,” Lucy said with a giggle.

Daniel whipped around to face her. “Who did you meet?”

“Daniel,” his wife began, “she was just telling me-”

“I met an old lady, Daddy!” Lucy exclaimed. “She was a very nice old lady.

And she said she knows you!”

Daniel turned to face his wife, furrowing his eyebrows. “What did she just say?”

“Daniel, she was telling me that-”

Lucy interrupted, “She wants to meet you! And I told her all about Emma and Cassie and Mommy and our family, and she said she wants to come over and-”

“Go to your room!” Daniel bellowed. “Go, now, and don’t come out until we call for you.”

“But, Daddy-”


Lucy threw her chair back and stormed out of the kitchen. “Maybe I’ll go live with the old lady instead!” and then she sprinted to her room.

There was silence for a moment, as Mary watched her husband from the corner of her eye. He stood there, silent, clenching and unclenching his fists. Daniel leaned his forehead against the wall, kicking it roughly.

“She… she just said she was a lady… I didn’t remember…”

“It’s fine,” Daniel snapped. “It’s fine. We’re just fine.”

“Just… a few more days. Then we’ll leave.”

“I know that.” He smacked the wall. “But if it starts again, we can’t leave. We can’t, we won’t.”

“If what starts? There’s no way she’s the same lady!” Mary exclaimed. “That’s stupid!”

“I’m not stupid,” Daniel growled. “And there’s something I never told you about her. And I never plan to. Just know that if another kidnapping happens, if there’s more of this, we can’t and won’t leave until it’s all over.”

“And what if there’s nobody left to take with us?” Mary said. Her hands were shaking as she faced her husband.

“Then… I don’t know.”

She shook her head, wiping her eyes. “You’d give up on our family just to close a case you should forget about.”

“I can’t forget about it!” he screamed. “It won’t forget me!”

“Who won’t forget you?” Mary yelled, storming forwards so that they were nose-to-nose. “Who? It’s a police case, not a person! Just leave it alone and come back to our family and be a real father! Don’t do this to us! Who won’t forget you? This is stupid, completely stupid, and you’re stupid, so just forget it!”

He took a step back. “But She won’t forget me.”

Facebook Event Video #1

This is my new video for the weekend, which talks about As Trees Turned Away and is on the Facebook event page for that book. The event will be covering my 3 main Horror books, and will have videos and posts up to the 19th of February. On that day, there will be a live video, a live chat, and plenty more! Head on over and check out the first video of 3:

Facebook Event Links! Feb 19 and 21

Here are the official links for my Facebook events! February 19, 9-11 P.M. and the same times on February 21. Pick your links and mark your calendars!  (Fantasy)   (All Horror/Thrillers) (Fantasy) (My Abigail)