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Facebook Event Links! Feb 19 and 21

Here are the official links for my Facebook events! February 19, 9-11 P.M. and the same times on February 21. Pick your links and mark your calendars!  (Fantasy)   (All Horror/Thrillers) (Fantasy) (My Abigail)

Thank you! Here’s free stuff!

Thank you so much everybody for making my Enden launch so successful! You guys are the best and this really was the best way to start off the New Year. I appreciate everybody who bought, told other, reviewed, or even gave it a glance 🙂 Thanks again!

To show my appreciation, I’ve attached links to two short-stories. The first one is a tear-jerker and emotional, the second one is a sample of a scary story I’m writing. If those aren’t your piece of cake, don’t worry! I’m constantly writing and I’m bound to find your genre soft spot soon!


“Beautiful Tears” FREE Forever!

An emotional, powerful story about love, forgiveness, and mercy…
Two women, shattered, that are nearing death in their own ways…
A fight for survival in a world that hates them…

Beautiful Tears (the short story from last month) is finally FREE on!

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And don’t forget, check back here June 1st for the 1st lesson in my writing course! It’s absolutely free, lots of fun, and you’ll certainly learn (or remember) something, or get the chance to criticize my lack of teaching skills. It’s a win-win-win for you!


No Triple Crown Winner this year ya’ll 🙁 Sad day. Go Nyquist. Go whoever-the-horse-that-won-Preakness-is.

My Abigail FREE Today!!

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My Abigail is absolutely free. Get your copy now before time expires!

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This riveting, psychological thriller will twist your mind and leave you wondering what just happened. With a story unlike anything you’ve read before, My Abigail will astound you. You will fall in love with the characters, suffer through their losses, and become attached to the story like your own child.

For a short time, you will get all of this for FREE.

Just see what others had to say about the book below!


12 Ratings
4.4 Average

7 Five-Stars
(on Goodreads)
—I loved it! This book was a great thriller from the beginning and it kept me reading until the end.
A very well written Psychological thriller book. Never a dull moment. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great Psychological thriller movie, or a mini TV series.Kummer had me going crazy wondering what Abigail’s secret was. I thought for sure I had it figured out, but I was not even close. 
Kummer did a great job at coming up with a plot that is so complex and unique. It is one that I have never read before. 

—It was interesting and engaging, and the mechanics of the writing were great. I’ve read bestselling authors who aren’t as technically proficient as Mr. Kummer.

—Great psychological thriller! Excellent writing skills for someone of this age, I am impressed. I can’t talk about the story as I don’t want to give anything away. 

—My Abigail was an amazing book that kept me turning the pages from cover to cover. There were some very thrilling moments throughout that really brought My Abigail to life. David used many detailed words that drew images in my mind. His writing brings all of the characters to life, especially Caleb, Abigail and Damian. David certainly knows how to take your breath away with his power of words.

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Learn How To Write A Book!


I have a secret little project.

(Well, I actually have two. This is just one of them! It’s newer.)

Over this summer, I will be posting a series of over 12 articles on my blog. These posts will lead you through the depths of publishing, and hopefully inform you. They’re for everybody!

If you’ve never written a book, I can show you the how’s, when’s, and why’s. I’ll teach you where to find the info you need and how to keep your passion going. I’ll even give you some tips on characters, settings, and plot!

If you’re already an author, you can find a quick refresher on whatever area you need help with. You can get some tips, examples, and maybe learn something new! There’s always more to learn (especially for me, and I’d love to learn from you in return!)

Regardless of where you are, we’ll have LOTS of fun! That’s about all I can guarantee you, since I haven’t even written the articles yet. Best get to work on that.

These will take over the blog posts for two or three months (until I run out of articles), but I’ll keep working on my fiction books. I’m planning on gathering together all these articles and maybe publishing a non-fiction book on Amazon, so that you all will have easier access to the posts.

If you have any suggestions, let me know for sure 🙂 Bookmark this blog so you can find it easily. The first post will be going up in early June!

Before that post, we will have two more posts (probably on the last two Saturdays of May) and then the FREE course will begin!!!