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I live in a small, river-town on the Ohio River in southern Indiana. Along with taking care of younger siblings (I have eight total), I make time for writing in between school and sports. I've been writing since I was young, with As Trees Turned Away being my first published work and She being my first published novel. Along with writing, I am an avid reader and watcher of all things horror, and enjoy writing reviews on them for others who might want to know my opinion on them. When I'm not writing, I enjoy talking with my hilarious friends and amazing girlfriend, spending time with my loving family, watching movies, and working out to burn all of the calories I get from binge-eating Hawaiian Rolls. Those things are just irresistible, am I right? I'd rather get paid those for royalties than money. Slogan: Turn the page. Trace the plot. Tempt the panic.

Movie Review: Star Wars- The Last Jedi

So, yeah. Star Wars episode 8. Saw it at the first opportunity, pretty crowded theater, and I was mildly surprised by how un-disappointed I was. Makes sense?

Well, I figured Disney would screw this up just like the Avengers, which hey had a trailer on before the movie. Just served to remind me of Disney’s dominance and how many of their movies only serve as a huge machine, churning out the same storylines and non-creative ideas (see Force Awakens = A New Hope).

For all of its faults, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not a bland movie out of a machine. It was interesting, it was funny, and it was emotional. With that being said…



  • Kylo and Rey Dynamics

Kylo Ren and Rey were the main focus of this storyline, and so, of course, every time they interacted with each other it was a huge deal. There were some funny moments, some sweet moments, and ultimately it set up the next movie with a great showdown. I hope, if everything works out, we get a huge showdown with them at the end, and that’s how this trilogy should really finish. I do wish Luke WAS STILL FREAKING ALIVE AND WE WOULDN’T HAVE TO SEE FORCE GHOSTS EVERY FEW SECONDS JUST BECAUSE DISNEY WANTS TO SELL FORCE GHOST ACTION FIGURES, but anyways Rey and Kylo made this movie very enticing, and very enjoyable.

Also, Poe Dameron.

  • Give Me Some Spaceships

Love, love, love the space battles (even if there were quite a lot of them…) and enjoy seeing the different kinds of ships, as well. That kind of belongs in the Tradition section, but whatever. Also, may I just say, Poe Dameron really makes this movie fun for me… and I couldn’t care less if Finn died. Sorry guys. I just like the spaceship dudes, and Poe is the spaceship dude in this one. And Chewie the Bacca.

  • Tradition

Obviously, this would have ruined the movie had it not been there, but it was nice to see. The opening scrawl, some Force Ghosts, fantastic spaceships at the beginning. Basically, all of the basics were there for Star Wars. I heard a rumor that there wasn’t as much of that epic music we’ve all come to associate with the franchise, but it seemed to me like there was plenty, so for you music-lovers don’t worry!

Also, it just felt like Star Wars. Something I’m just waiting on… the moment Disney makes one of these and it won’t feel like Star Wars… it’ll feel like a Disney movie. (See how confident I am).


  • Kill Choices……

Why would you kill Luke? Why? Why couldn’t he just stay on that island, and be really old, like Yoda was in Episode 5 and then die a peaceful death somewhere in Episode 9? Why did he have to die? Why does everybody have to be a force ghost? I don’t want a force ghost. I don’t want a force ghost. I want a Luke Skywalker, with Old Man Hamill and his grouchiness. I don’t want force ghosts everywhere.

Why didn’t you kill Rose or Finn, or somebody else of the new characters? Look, killing main characters suck BUT YOU CAN’T KILL OFF EVERY OLD CHARACTER. I WON’T ACCEPT IT.

That’s really my main problem with the movie. While trying to make these new characters “the next big thing,” they’ve gone and taken away all the familiar characters, killing them off piece by piece. Honor them by not killing them, please. Please. PLEASE.

  • Next Movie Is A Fog

Where the heck is the series going from here? I guess the rebels find a new base, and since J.J. Abrams (a.k.a. Mr. Make 17 Death Stars) is directing Episode 9, we can expect yet another Death Star, probably blown up the same way.

Seriously, though. We could’ve had some hints… as to what happened next… just to get some fan theories going.

SIDE NOTE… Why was Snoke so easy to kill, if he’s so powerful? Such a failure.

SIDE SIDE NOTE… That was the worst CGI Yoda I’ve ever seen in my life, and it looked like a cartoon Gremlin stuck into the real world. Come on. Whoever was in charge of that… fire him/her.

  • So. Many. Battles. So. Little. Plot.

The entire movie plot:

Battle, Escape, Get Help, Battle, Escape, Get Help, Battle, Escape, Movie Ends.

Just saying.


So, yeah, I’ve been harsh because I expect a lot from my Star Wars. So, here is my overall rating.

  • If Rey is a Skywalker and they say this in the next episode: 8.3/10
  • If she is not: 6/10
  • If Episode 9 includes ANYTHING like a Death Star: 0/10 because Disney is the laziest mouse I’ve ever seen.

Movie Review: Zodiac

One of the longest and surprisingly-good movies I’ve seen in some time. A mystery movie that turned into a legal drama that turned into a thriller that turned into a melancholy ending that turned into a documentary. It has everything, including some real-life connection with a case that’s just as scary and much more famous.

(The case remains unsolved, although this very day some new evidence came out, and detectives hope the DNA will turn up the real killer.)

From the director of SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB, two of the best movies I’ve seen, comes… Zodiac.


  • Actors (Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr.)

Mark Ruffalo = The Hulk, Robert Downey Jr. = Iron Man, and Jake Gyllenhaal = not really sure but apparently he’s famous. With this star-studded cast (and apparently superhero-studded), I figured the movie would turn out at least decent. What I got, though, was better. Jake Gyllenhaal gave a performance better than I could have imagined; Robert Downey Jr. was his usual, cocky character-self; and Mark Ruffalo was a thoughtful, expert detective. And together, they work to capture one of the most notorious serial killers, The Zodiac.

  • Storyline

The Zodiac Killer has always been super interesting, and super fascinating to even the casual viewer. The mystery, the codes, and the characters involved… it played out more like fiction than real life. So, of course, the adaption for the big screen turned out great. As far as I can tell, the storyline follows very closely, which makes sense because it’s based on the book by Robert Graysmith (played by Gyllenhaal in the movie). So a movie about making a book based on a book… turned out pretty well.

  • Setting

Not sure when it struck me exactly, but the director put a lot of work into the backgrounds in every scene. Whether it was the lake scene, the downtown scenes, or somewhere else, I was impressed with how real they seemed. Like the main characters were talking, but there was so much happening in the back that caught my attention. Or maybe it was just late and I was Dr. Pepper-ed.


  • Accuracy?

My main question throughout the movie was “how accurate is this really?” From a quick glance at Wikipedia (yep), it seems pretty legit. There weren’t any critics who hated it and called it inaccurate, which I was surprised at. In fact, some critics said it was too realistic, too legalistic, and didn’t take enough creative liberties to make it exciting. So… seems pretty real. But still a big question.

  • Backstory Missing

There wasn’t very much backstory for the characters, because it kinda just threw you in at the beginning of the murders. I was interested to see how nobody took it seriously except for Graysmith at the beginning, but I’m not really sure why because I didn’t know much about his character. Also, I had no idea he had a family until like 40 minutes into the story.

  • Bye Bye, Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. just kinda floats around, and his character is super important at times and then doesn’t show up for half an hour. Same with Robert Graysmith, and also Mark Ruffalo’s. That’s one problem with the movie being so realistic: It can’t really decide who the main character is. And that’s okay. It’s interesting. But, still, a bit odd, so it goes in the Bad category.


  • Length

The movie was over two and a half hours long, which made it both too long and too good. Like, it took over 150 minutes… and it used all of them perfectly. It didn’t force the length, and it really made every minute count. Those usually don’t go together…

My Grade

So, at the end of the day, it’s a super long movie, it’s super unique, it has super good actors… and it’s super confusing. And I super like it.

Let’s go with…



My November Thoughts on College Basketball

  1. Marvin Bagley is really good… and should be a senior in high school. Crazy.
  2. Arizona will be okay, once they figure out their offense
  3. UCLA won’t be okay, not even with their freshmen back
  4. Alabama has two of the best freshman in the country, and could challenge Kentucky for the SEC. But…
  5. Kentucky also has really good freshmen, even if they’re just now coming around.
  6. The FBI will probably shake things up at some point, but I’m less sure now.
  7. ACC is the best conference, top to bottom, and it’s not even close
  8. SEC might be better than the BIG 10? What? It’s true.
  9. Indiana/Louisville/Purdue/Kentucky are all great some nights, and not so great other nights. Something in the water around here?
  10. I’m super excited for December

Movie Review: The Crazies (2010)

Been a while, guys.

But I’m back at it! Movies reviews coming fast, slow, and randomly. Who cares about patterns. Let’s start with The Crazies (2010) remake of the 70-something film when we were all scared of governments and bioligical weapons. Maybe we still are?

Most likely comparison for this movie: The Purge: Western-style plus The Walking Dead plus… maybe some Saw (because of gore)

The Great:

—How this movie starts off

Really gets your attention from the first (well, second) scene. Kinda wish there were more “happy people, normal life” parts, but that’s just because I know all the terrible stuff that comes next, and I just want these folks to be happy

The Good:

—Main character was really easy to root for

He’s got that nice, kick-everybody’s-butt attitude, he’s a sheriff (the modern, Call of Duty-master kind). For you ladies, he’s attractive (isn’t every actor nowadays? Sheesh). And, to top it all off, he’s got a love interest who’s pregnant, so he’s almost-not-quite a father. Did I mention he kicks everybody’s butt? Think of him like Rick, from the Walking Dead. Or that really awesome guy from the second and third Purge movies. That’s pretty much him.

—Bad Gu

Dang, the first half an hour has about 4 killers who are each scarier than most movies’ 1. Sadly, most of them don’t show up again throughout, and they each kinda serve their purpose by getting killed (often by their own weapon). But still. Kudos to the movie crew for making each one so terrifying, and putting thought into them. Instead of twenty guys with guys, I get to see twenty guys each with a different weapon. Until the movie becomes the Purge: Western-style, anyways. Then they just have guns.


And I mean the concept at the beginning. I won’t give too much away, because the movie tells you within about twenty minutes, but it’s very interesting. When you start the movie, you’ll be thinking, “This isn’t really like the Purge?” That’s the part I enjoyed most. Enjoy it.

—Emotional Conflict

Always a thumbs up for me. Emotional conflict + freaky movie + lots of scary stuff = pretty good Friday night.

The Bad:

—I feel like there should be some more backstory for Mr. Awesome Main Character’s love interest. They’re married and all, and she’s a doctor, but beyond that we don’t know much about her character. Him, on the other hand, we see tons of throughout. I wish she showed up more in the first twenty minutes than she does. That being said, we get plenty of her (and the Deputy) throughout.

—Once the movie became the Purge, I was pretty much just watching the Purge, and that kinda sucked because it was so unique for the first twenty minutes (maybe 30.) There were a couple big twists that got us to the Purge state-of-being, and those were fun. The ending was fun, too. And the whole thing was fun. But it could have been even more fun if it hadn’t been so predictable. After about thirty minutes, I could’ve stopped watching and known basically what happened. I didn’t, but I could’ve. Maybe.

My Final Rating:

Umm… well the film’s got a great idea at the start, good execution of a stolen idea in the middle, and one of those stupid, “We can’t let the heros live, but we can’t kill them either, so let’s just hint that they’re gonna die later on” endings. I don’t really like those. But still, the acting is good, and it has lots of blood without making blood the purpose. I’m not sure what to give this… I’m gonna sayyyyyyy…


I really wanted to make it a 9. It’s a high 8.4.

Most Haunted Places in Madison, Indiana PART 1

This one’s for you, Madison/Hanover!

—Comment below and tell me your own spooky tales—

Let’s kick things right into gear. Today, we’re looking at…. the most haunted places in Madison and Hanover, Indiana. For those of you who don’t already know, that’s where I grew up/currently live. If you want me to go all history-nut on it, sorry. That’s what I have Wikipedia source. And yes, I will cite Wikipedia with no shame. Sorry, English teachers.,_Indiana

Places like the Jefferson County Public Library aren’t normally thought of as sinister, except in Stephen King’s It. The one in Madison, however, has its own stories, and might be a bit creepier than you’d expect.

For one thing, if you were to take a ride on the old, rickety elevator that travels between the three floors, you might find that you aren’t alone. Especially, it seems, if you’re a young woman. This ghostly gentleman has a habit of brushing them on the shoulders, and patting their backs silently. If you ever enter the elevator, and find a young man sitting in a wheelchair, well… don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

He may not be so violent as other ghosts, but he has a well-known backstory nonetheless. Charlie, as he’s called, was the former resident of the large building, when it was originally a home owned by his family. The elevator was actually installed for him in the first place, and kept when the building was turned into a library.

While that is the most famous story, you can imagine there are other ghosts wandering between those shelves full of books. But there’s one good thing we can say about the ghosts: Even they know you have to be quiet in the library.

Movies aren’t the only things to see at the Ohio Theater.

If floating lights are your cup of tea, this is the place to stop by. Buy a ticket to a movie or a play, and you might end up with two shows for the price of one. In the balcony-area, it’s said that bulbs of light are seen bobbing about. My first thought was, “Maybe it’s just people’s cell phones.” We’ve all heard the “Those little lights can be seen everywhere” speech. But it seems that isn’t possible in most cases.

For one, this often happens when people aren’t sitting in those seats. So the floating lights, whatever they are, aren’t people. They aren’t cell phones.

Oh, and one other, slightly-more-creepy story. If you find yourself in the theater at midnight, then you’ll hear a very real, piercing scream. Not from a movie. Not from a person. From… something else.

One of the more historic places in Madison (it’s in the name, after all) is the Broadway Historic Hotel and Tavern. This one has one of the most real-life connections. The main ghost is said to be that of a criminal, who was shot and died on the premises of the hotel. He’s seen most frequently in the tavern part of the establishment, although I haven’t found a source that clarifies where, exactly, he was killed.

If seeing a bloody, bumbling ghost doesn’t do it for you, the next segment of our scary stories is pretty freaky as well. If you ever stay the night in the hotel, sleeping in one of the rooms, you can expect to find yourself awakened by the cries for help from a ghostly woman who wanders the halls. While a plethora of people have all confessed to hearing her, the one who admits to seeing her is very rare. It seems that nobody has ever laid eyes upon the spirit.

These are just three of the many stories from Madison, Indiana. I’ll have more in the next post, as well as some frightening tales from Hanover, my actual hometown. Until then, keep the lights on.

<><> <><> <><>

Coming soon…

Part 2. With an emphasis on Hanover, Indiana.

My October Thoughts on College Basketball

Because who said I couldn’t write about sports if I wanted.

Here’s a list of the

Ten Truths

for college basketball this season. (More articles like this to come)

  1. Lots of people gonna get in trouble by the FBI, throughout the season
  2. Kentucky is a top-25 team, but not a top-2 team. Deal with it.
  3. Grayson Allen will probably trip somebody, “on accident” of course
  4. The ACC will be the best conference again
  5. The SEC will be much better than normal (hello, 1-and-done’s)
  6. Lavar Ball is gonna talk too much, and we’ll listen too much
  7. Some team will win their first national championship (please, please, please)
  8. A #16 seed will beat a #1 FINALLY
  9. Gonzaga won’t make it to the Sweet 16
  10. We don’t know anything that’s gonna happen

She Watches Release Day

Today, at midnight (or around then), the Kindle edition of She Watches releases on Amazon. I’m super excited, and you should be too.

First off, there’s a Facebook party event tonight. Whether you’re reading this the day of, or in 2054, you can click over there and check out all the action.

Also, if you can’t wait, She Watches is already available to buy in paperback. Order your copy here!

I’ll be posting lots of new information about the book, and there will definitely be some big news about sales. This is gonna be the best launch I’ve ever had, and I’ll be keeping you all involved!

Plan for the Blog

We’re gonna have a couple different kinds of posts here, and over a lot of different subjects. Let’s have a quick tour through… the future.

First of all, lots of lists. Top 10 lists. Top 29 lists. Random lists in article. Lists in no order. We’re going to have every kind of list you can imagine, all the time. So, if you love lists, I’ll have them. If you don’t like them, deal with it.

Topics will be all over the place. Sports, horror, fantasy, other fiction genres, food, current news (not politics), and whatever’s on my mind. You all can suggest topics, of course. Let’s use those comment buttons!!

Those are the main points I wanted to cover. Any questions? Ask away in the comments, or comment on Facebook. That’s another thing. Friend me on there. It’s real fun.

Fear: What is the future for the podcast?

I’ve decided, after a lot of thought, to cut the first season of Fear a little bit short. I was planning to go for about 15 episodes before taking a break, but that pause is gonna have to come sooner for a lot of reason.

First of all, I want to spend more time focusing on this blog right here. Secondly, I want to write more, and be able to have more time for it. Thirdly, sports season is coming up for me, and school is time-consuming enough to really push me away from creative work (seems like it should be drawing me towards it, not pushing me away, but that’s a talk for another day.) So, below, here is the schedule for the rest of the episodes. I will be leaving up Fear on still, so feel free to head over and help get this thing off the ground again. I’m actually losing money right now by producing it, which sucks, I won’t lie.

Without further ado, here’s the rest of the schedule:

11/06/17- Serial Killer Episode #3: Menace

11/20/17- My Old Kentucky Home

12/04/17- Contemporary

Once I get these finished and planned on my host site, I’ll be posting more here, so be excited! Also, make sure you join my newsletter. It’s almost as fun as this site 😉

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Halloween Fun 2017

Coming this month (of October)…

Three SPECIAL podcast episodes *which you can only get on*

-A brand new, short story released on this blog

-Even more info about the upcoming She Watches

-And random prizes 😉

Bookmark this site and check back constantly. I’ll start off the prize-giving with today’s contest…

Leave a comment or message me at, and write me a SEVEN-WORD STORY.

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